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Dr. James Lyerly State Neurosurgical Societies were frequently formed as sections of State Medical Societies. Such was the case in Florida. Prior to 1958, neurological surgeons were included in a section with neurologists and psychiatrists. The Florida Neurosurgical Society was formed in 1958 with James G. Lyerly, Sr. as President. Dr Lyerly left Richmond, Virginia in 1934 because he felt that Richmond could not support 2 neurological surgeons. He became the first neurological surgeon in the State of Florida in the Fall of 1934 where he founded the Lyerly Group, and was the only neurosurgeon in the State for about 5 years. Dr Lyerly was also one of the founding members of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Other members were Dr. Edward Sullivan, 1954-1985; Dr. James Lyerly, Jr., 1956-1980; Dr. Howard Chandler, 1961-1987; Dr. Gaston J. Acosta-Rua, 1972-1995; Dr. Melissa Neiman, 1989-1991; Dr. Arnold Zeal, 1995-2003; Dr. Randell Powell, 1995-2003; and Dr. John Hawkins, 1979-2005. Current group physicians include Dr. Paulo Monteiro, 1982; Dr. Javier Garcia, 1994; Dr Andrew F.Cannestra, 2006; Howard C. Chandler, MD 2007; and Bradley A. Wallace, MD, PhD 2007

Dr. Lyerly's Microscope

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